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Business Development

Business Development Manager

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India - 8th February, 2024

About the job

Role: Business Development Manager

Location - Mumbai

3-4 years’ experience in a Digital Marketing Agency or in Digital Media Sales is mandatory.

Summary: We're in need of an outcome-driven Sales Maverick with a demonstrated history of success in sales.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Acquiring Clients and Grasping the Market:

Innovate the way we secure clients and stay informed about market trends. Whether it's reaching out to businesses or consumers, your strategies should be unwavering.

2. Establishing Partnerships and Achieving Market Supremacy:

Lead in forging partnerships with industry leaders. These connections serve as the bedrock of our new services and our ambition to be the best.

3. Sales Planning and Execution:

Create and execute a robust sales plan. Keep in mind, "First rule of Fight Club: You do not talk about Fight Club." We're here to reimagine the playbook with a focus on results.

4. Enhancing Client Relationships and Growth:

Strengthen client relationships and identify opportunities for upselling. Make them content.

5. Team Collaboration:

Work in seamless harmony with our marketing and client teams. Be the leader who ensures our digital campaigns excel.

6. Compelling Presentations:

Develop compelling narratives when presenting proposals to clients. Display our expertise with a professional finesse.


- Sales Proficiency: A strong emphasis on achieving results and a history of successful sales.

- Leadership Competence: The ability to lead and inspire your team toward achieving their sales objectives.

- Strategic Insight: Competence in planning for complex markets.

- Client-Centered Approach: A focus on client satisfaction and identifying opportunities for increased sales.

- Team Player: The ability to lead and ensure the successful execution of digital campaigns.

- Digital Proficiency: Competence in digital marketing.

- Proficiency in Excel, PowerPoint along with excellent written & verbal communication skills.

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Graphic Design

Graphic Designer

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India - 8th February, 2024

About the job


- Collaborate with the team to ensure consistency of designs across various media outlets

- Create compelling and effective logos, designs, print and digital media

- Design and produce captivating graphics for marketing campaigns, social media, advertisements, and other promotional materials and graphics–related components.

- Create engaging video content, reels and animations to support marketing campaigns and social media initiatives, enhancing the brand's storytelling efforts

- Maintain awareness of current industry and technology standards, social media, competitive landscape and market trends

Professional Skills & Qualification:

- Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design or related field

- 2-4 years of experience in graphic design

- Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Photoshop)

- Strong communication, conceptual thinking, typography skills and design skills

- Ability to communicate effectively (both oral and written).

- Should be a creative thinker with imagination skills and a curious learner.

- Attention to detail

- Portfolio of work

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